3/4 Tights with knee padding  BLINDSAVE
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3/4 Tights with knee padding  BLINDSAVE

3/4 Tights with knee padding BLINDSAVE

Knees are one of the most injured areas in Sports and that's why we have taken extra energy to create the most innovative knee padding on the market! 
Combined with our compression tights, a player will not only get highest level of support for key muscle groups, but will get the best protection for knees.

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Please note: YOUTH model dimensions: waist diameter: +/- 50cm and girth (waist below): 57cm

BLINDSAVE padded compression wear was created by a team of dedicated scientists and sports enthusiasts. The main advantage of our products is the unique patent-pending body adjust technology (BAT) which ensures superior protection and comfort to athletes.


The material we use is similar to that used in military grade protective wear with the added ability of adjusting to human body forms. The material is very ergonomic, it has the perfect shape and weight, and is paired with unique shock absorbing and body adjusting features to allow you to perform at your best. Our padding’s shock absorption is 20% more effective than that of other brands on the market today. The highest functionality of the protective material is achieved at 97.7 – 98.6 F (36.6 – 37 C).

  • Adjusts to your body

For the first time ever, a padded compression wear that adjusts its shape to the player’s body has been created for basketball and other indoor sports. When the padding gets in contact with your body, it takes less than a minute for it to soften, become more flexible, and adjust to your body. It works even better as you warm up and get more active!

Shock Absorption

40% thinner padding with improved shock absorption level. We took advantage of modern technologies to offer you a better absorption of hits and to make you feel safer on the court. In fact, tests show that our hit absorption measurements have an improvement of up to 20% when compared to the closest competitors.

  • Premium Quality

BLINDSAVE products conform to the highest standards of quality. We use only the highest quality materials sourced from suppliers in Europe. Our production is based in Latvia (European Union), with all BLINDSAVE products and raw materials being handcrafted locally. We are working closely with scientists to develop premium products and redefine the safety level in sports.

  • Thing and light

Compared to other brands, BLINDSAVE uses a spherical shaped padding to provide the perfect fit to your body. The material is 0.08 to 0.31 inches (2 to 8 mm) thick which allows you to experience an extremely high level of comfort. Our high-tech, shock-absorbing material is very light but will help you stay safe and avoid injuries.

  • Ergonomic

If you want to enjoy full range of motion while being protected and feel like you don’t have any padding on your body, choose BLINDSAVE innovative padded compression. We have created the perfect design where our padding adjusts its shape to the human body. This feature will allow you to feel like you are not wearing any padding at all. Our protective gear is very light, flexible, ergonomic, and extremely comfortable. 

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